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04.05.2019 12. Mittelfrankenschau in Markt Bibart  -  (9)
SG I like this dog's neck and head and overall bodyshape. I would
R. Maynard prefer better front and rear movements. And when he moves,
  he carries his tail very high. He is nicely presented.
16.09.2018 1. Spezial-Rassehundeausstellung "Wendener Land"  -  (14)
SG Attractive golden coat, this dog has poor layback of shoulder.
F. Clarkson So lacks front reach when moving. Also flies his tail. Could do
  with more angulation both ends. He has a level topline and
  is deep in ribs.
08.09.2018 6. Spezial-Rassehunde-Ausstellung Erkrath  -  (15)
SG Very good type. On the large side. Scissor's bite. Good neck.
E. Mjaerum A little straight in front. Strong top line. Gay tail. Moves ok.
  Good coat and colour.


15.08.2015 11. Ruhrgebietsschau in Gelsenkirchen  -  (4)
VSP 3 He has a pleasing head with gentle expression, shoulders could
L. Keene be better and he needs to develop in all departments, will need
  time to mature physically and mentaly.
20.06.2015 17. Münsterlandschau in Beckum  -  (10)
VSP Nice puppy, that needs more time to be at his best, nice head but
H. Fryckstrand needs a stronger foreface, good neck, upright in shoulders, a bit
  narrowing front, need more bone, adequate body, nice topline
  when standing, good rear angulation but week from behind,
  moves ok, nice coat, good temperament.
13.06.2015 8. Mittelfrankenschau in Markt Bibart  -  (4)
VV 3 A six month old puppy well grown for his age, but he is well
L. Maynard constructed, good angulated, shoulders, level topline, he has a
  nice head with goodpigment and a dark eye, in time he should
  fill his frame.



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